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Specialist Access


Get work done more effectively and efficiently with remote access to any expert you need. With GoBe Robots, you are able to invite the best workforce talent from anywhere in the world. GoBe Robots help increase productivity as the system allows operators to move around as if they were there in person.


The best specialists may be located far away and travel might not be an option. GoBe Robots allow you to interact with them as if they were there - whether they are an IT expert, a medical specialist, or a convention guest speaker.


Why choose GoBe Robots:

Increase specialist
IMprove product quality
Increase specialist productivity
Quick and easy access
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Specialists are a Scarce Resource

It is not uncommon for a business to experience issues that occur faster than it feels possible to solve them. For these moments, it might be a good idea to reach a larger "pool" of available specialists who can interact with you as if on-site, conveniently and remotely.

With GoBe Robots you can open the door to any specialist you need, at a moment's notice. Specialists can log in, assess the situation, and start troubleshooting from anywhere around the world.


Resolving issues quickly

Who wouldn’t mind resolving an issue in an instant? A technician may take a day or more to travel, but GoBe Robots allow the specialist to assess the situation in a matter of seconds. The same technology also allows specialists, technicians, or guest speakers to get to work right away.

GoBe Robots allow everyone to save time in troubleshooting and improving the quality of your products.  Your business and organization will additionally be able to cut down on scheduling concerns and travel costs.

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How does telepresence work?

When experiencing this technology first-hand, people are often baffled over how easy it is to feel like you are there in person. Some describe the experience as real life replicated in a video conference call.

The benefits of telepresence become even clearer when you realize you are not “locked” to a screen as a passive viewer. With GoBe Robots, you can move around by yourself and go in any direction you want.

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