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The GoBe Robot uses multiple cameras for great views and safe navigation. The frontal wide-view camera lets you look right in front of the robot, allowing you to see rooms and people as clearly as if you were there. The zoom camera is able to give you wider perspectives or focus in on even the smallest of details. The navigation camera provides a 360-degree view of the robot's base, allowing you to easily guide the robot in any direction.

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Echo-canceling microphones allow you to pick up the subtlest of sounds and give you a true feeling of presence. The speaker design enables you to express yourself clearly in both one-on-one meetings and larger group settings.

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A 21.5-inch HD touch screen enables the people you wish to communicate with to see you clearly as if you were present in the room with them. The touch screen also allows for direct two-way interactions between operators and their audiences, creating effortless dialogues and a conveniently intuitive use of the robot for communication.

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The GoBe Robot is fitted with LIDAR and 3D cameras that allow you to easily guide the robot in any direction. These cameras help you reach your desired destination by keeping obstacles visible, allowing you avoid them along the way.

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The GoBe Robot is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 8 hours of operating time before needing to recharge.