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Although Beam is transitioning to GoBe Robots, it is still possible to get support for your old Beam robots with help from our Global Beam Support Partner.

Before submitting a ticket, check out our online Help Center. You'll find solutions to common errors and troubleshooting tips!

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We understand it can be difficult to comprehend how it's possible to be in two places at once, all while enjoying the freedom of completely independent mobility. With GoBe Robots, this is a reality, and we want to show you!!

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Our customers reduce their time and cost of travel up to 65% simply by using GoBe Robots.

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With every GoBe Robots session had as opposed to flying, a person can reduce their average carbon footprint at a rate of 1.8 tons.

The world is only a click away! GoBe Robots enables people to stay connected across the globe no matter where they are physically. Anywhere. Anytime.